Zenobia welcomes you with open arms and outspread wings!  We of Zenobian Grace are an RP/PvE guild centered around aiding players both experienced and new.  We help further strengthening the more expert soldiers while mentoring the new recruits and showing them the ropes, alongside our allies.  If you would like to apply, you can either whisper Thiji.Higuri, or Horu.Higuri in-game; apply to the guild in-game so that an officer can get back to you ASAP; or you can apply directly here on our website!  Whichever method you choose, we will be more than happy to give you a brand new home.

We have just recently begun to recruit level 60 players in an effort to pursue endgame content, and have cleared Argon Corpus Hard Mode as well as Manaya's Core Normal Mode, and are looking to clear Manaya's Core Hard Mode as well as achieve rank 1 in Sirjuka Gallery.  We will also embark on other activities such as GvG and PvP when our numbers are greater.